Microsoft Outlook 2019


The all-rounder for secure e-mail: Microsoft Outlook 2019

For years the mail volume has been rising continuously. There is no longer any information that cannot and will not be sent by e-mail. Whether PowerPoint presentations, court letters, tax returns or videos, they all have only one goal: the inbox folder. Then there are the e-mails that no one wants. This refers to junk mail, which also likes to pretend to be serious mail, allegedly sent by the recipient's bank or a large mail order company. Here the mail client must show what it can do by deleting the mail directly or marking it as dangerous. On the user side, the software program Outlook offered by Microsoft has been established for years and proves its performance and stability even in the current version. Be curious about Microsoft Outlook 2019 and how you can buy Outlook safely.

A new era begins: Microsoft Outlook 2019

The mail program Outlook 2019 has a long history of development for a software program. First published Years1997 and since then continuously expanded and improved by Microsoft. Outlook was initially developed only for connection to the Exchange mail server and it was not until the end of the Yearsthat Microsoft offered the mail client as a stand-alone application.

While there were repeated errors in the database for the mailbox in the first versions, this improved from the Outlook 2003 version onwards, mainly due to the connection to the Exchange Server, Outlook found its way into private households and thus replaced the mail client Outlook Express, which was part of the operating system from Windows 95 onwards.

With the Outlook 2019 version, Microsoft is converting its mail client into a comprehensive program for e-mail, scheduling and document management. The basic functions such as sending and receiving mail have been expanded and extended in numerous points.

Microsoft also increased the size of the mailbox database. In the past, this repeatedly led to error messages due to the maximum database size being exceeded. In Outlook 2019, this size limit can be adjusted by registry entry.

In high-bandwidth network environments, such as fiber optic cabling, the mailbox database can be placed on a network drive. This is interesting for companies when employees need to access e-mails from a different location.

Preparing Outlook2019 for productive use

After the self-explanatory installation, you will be asked to create a mail account the first time you start Outlook. Check all the options offered and especially the transmission method of your provider.

You may assign your own folder and database name when you create a mailbox database. This is recommended, otherwise Outlook will store the data in the user profile. Further settings can be found in the upper menu bar and under Start -> Options. If your adjustments are very extensive, save them by exporting them to a backup file.

Individual adaptation

One of the strengths of Outlook is the customization by the user. These are:

  • Font and font size for incoming and outgoing e-mails
  • Setting for HTML and plain text
  • Customization of junk mail options to the domain or text variables
  • Using the Journal
    This is used to document numerous activities in Outlook, such as sending and receiving mail
  • Creation of own forms for the display of an e-mail


Buy Microsoft Outlook 2019

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At a glance: Microsoft Outlook 2019

A secure data exchange via e-mail is of existential importance for companies, crafts enterprises and freelancers. Anyone who sends an e-mail with a dangerous attachment or content from a computer may be liable for any damage incurred.

Here Outlook is a good companion for the user and is regularly updated by Microsoft.


What is Outlook 2019?

A mail client for secure mail exchange, contact and time management.

Who should use Outlook 2019?

With Outlook 2019 Microsoft addresses companies and self-employed persons who use an Exchange Server, but also private users who attach great importance to security and reliability.

Why should Outlook 2019 be used?

The mail software reliably filters out dangerous pishing mails and protects the commercial and private user from possible damage. Outlook manages birthdays, meetings and websites via the calendar function and the integrated journal documentation.


How can Outlook 2019 be purchased?

Simple and secure via the online shop. Here you can also get further information and support around the software purchase.

What should you use Outlook 2019 for?

If you need a secure email client and need to organize your appointment and document management, Outlook is the right software. Especially in connection with an Exchange Server 2016 or higher. You can find out how to buy Microsoft Outlook 2019 in our online shop.