Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise - Mail and groupware for professionals

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise is the larger enterprise edition of Microsoft's mail and groupware server Exchange. With the ability to manage up to 100 mail databases, each with any number of user accounts, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise also meets the requirements of very broad-based organizations. Exchange Server 2019 can be purchased at blitzhandel24 at best conditions: Inexpensive, reliable and with lightning fast shipping!

High performance and diverse features

Buying Exchange Server means choosing one of the most powerful and reliable mail and groupware systems on the market. With Exchange, e-mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks are easily made available to all users in the company. Thanks to integration with Outlook and the MS Office ecosystem, your employees can effortlessly use the power of Exchange in their daily work. The Enterprise edition of Exchange gives IT administrators additional ways to improve Exchange performance. Thanks to the larger number of mail databases, you can better distribute and plan server load. Exchange Enterprise also provides maximum stability and data security with features such as in-place mail account archiving, account-level journaling, and information protection and control (IPC) data integrity protection. Thanks to Data Loss and Leak Prevention, your data is of course also protected at the highest level against unauthorized access by third parties with Exchange Server Enterprise.

By combining your own Exchange server with Microsoft's cloud solution Azure and the Exchange online services, you also ensure that your data is permanently backed up via the Internet. In mixed operation with Office-365, your users have access to mails, the global address book or calendar services anytime and anywhere. Thanks to Active Sync technology, mobile access via the Outlook app for iOS and Android is both data-efficient and reliable. Of course, especially e-mail access is possible, but also via the standardised protocols IMAP, SMTP and POP. Alternatively, you can use Outlook Web App to access your hosted mail accounts from anywhere.

Licensing of Microsoft Exchange

Note that to use Exchange wisely, you do not need to purchase only one license for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise. Microsoft's licensing model also requires you to purchase Client Access Licenses (CALs) and an associated upgrade to use the Enterprise client-side features. A limited use of the Enterprise Server with a normal, non-Enterprise CAL is however realizable. Accordingly, a mixed operation is also planned, in which you purchase Enterprise CALs specifically for those users who benefit from the additional possibilities of the Enterprise server. A later upgrade of the normal CALs is possible.

Not sure if Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise is the right product for you? Are you still considering whether it is not enough for you to buy the simple Exchange Server? Our competent and reliable support team will be happy to advise you by phone, e-mail or chat on all your questions regarding Exchange, Exchange Enterprise and the required Client Access licenses.

What is Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise?

Exchange is Microsoft's mail and groupware server that lets you provision and synchronize e-mail services, calendars, task lists, and more. The standard client for Exchange in most companies is Microsoft Outlook. Exchange Server in the Enterprise Edition is the most comprehensive version of the Exchange Server and is primarily aimed at very large companies that have special requirements regarding the performance of the groupware server.

Who should buy Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise?

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise is primarily aimed at larger companies and institutions. If you are an institution that needs more than five mailbox databases, Exchange Enterprise is for you. Even if the advanced features to ensure data integrity on the server are important to you, it is worth taking a look at the Enterprise Edition. Mailbox databases do not represent individual mailboxes, but are databases in which groups of user accounts are stored.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise?

Exchange and Exchange Enterprise are extremely high-performance mail and groupware solutions. The integration of Exchange with the MS Office products (especially the client application Outlook) and the Microsoft online services (such as Exchange Online) ensures a seamless integration of the product into your IT ecosystem. The Enterprise Edition of Exchange also offers a larger number of mail databases and features for more precise adjustment of the journaling options and in-place archiving.


Access licenses (Client Access License, CAL)

Access to the Exchange Server software requires an Exchange Server access license (not included in delivery). This CAL can be assigned either to an accessing Deviceor an accessing user.

Device CAL: A Device CAL licenses a Devicefor use by any number of users who may access instances of the server software from that Device.

User CAL: A user CAL entitles a specific user to use any number of devices, such as a company PC, private PC, mobile phone, etc., from which he or she may access the server software.

Use of additional functionalities

Just as with the server license, there are two editions of Exchange Server 2019 access licenses, namely Standardand Enterprise. However, the editions of the server licenses are not related to the editions of the CALs. While the editions of the server license are based on scalability, Exchange Server StandardCAL and Exchange Server Enterprise CAL differ in the features of the Exchange Server product to be operated.

In other words: Each CAL edition entitles you to access each server edition.

  • Exchange Server 2019 StandardCAL, licensed either per user or per Device, is required to access standard Exchange Server 2019 functionality such as e-mail, calendar, and contacts.
  • Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise CAL, licensed either per user or per device, is required to access Exchange Server 2019 enterprise features such as unified messaging with voice mail, Exchange Online Protection for advanced antivirus and antispam protection, built-in archiving, and data loss prevention.

    Enterprise CALs basically require a StandardCAL.


Outlook desktop application

To use Exchange Server services, an e-mail desktop application such as Microsoft Outlook is required on the desktop side. Microsoft Outlook can be purchased as part of an Office suite.

To use certain enterprise features of Exchange Server 2019, such as archiving, Outlook from Office 365 ProPlus or Office ProfessionalPlus is required. This functionality cannot be used with Outlook from another office suite such as Office Standard.