Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard


Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard- The high-performance and secure database

Microsoft SQL Server is Microsoft's professional, high-performance database server for medium and large companies. The Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard is a completely revised version of the relational database system. Enhanced support for alternative systems such as Linux, integrated big data analysis tools and advanced security features speak for the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard. Here, you have the opportunity to buy the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard- of course at very attractive conditions.

What are the features of the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 standard?

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard brings a whole range of powerful new features. Probably the most prominent and eagerly anticipated new feature is the integration of Big Data clusters into the SQL Server environment. With support for Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and built-in analytics capabilities, big data analysis is made even easier. With the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard, Spark queries can be used both as data sources and as data sinks. Compared to other data entry options, performance can be increased by a factor of ten.

Extremely flexible in use

Since version 2016, Microsoft SQL Server has supported the execution of T-SQL queries to retrieve data from Hadoop sources and process it in a structured form. With the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standards full version, you now have the possibility to address other data sources such as MongoDB, other SQL servers, or Oracle databases in this way. This greatly simplifies the integration of the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standardinto diverse database ecosystems. The interfaces for specialized programming and scripting languages were also further expanded and modernized. For example, it is now possible to access the records of an MS-SQL database directly in R. This makes the extremely high-performance server increasingly interesting for data analysts and scientists.

Support for Linux as the host operating system for the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standardhas been greatly improved. On the one hand this means easier administration, but above all higher performance and lower resource consumption. It can also be used inside docker containers. Big Data Cluster images for cubernet are also available. It is also possible to implement instances of SQL Server on Microsoft's own cloud infrastructure Azure. This means additional flexibility and even easier scalability. The parallel use of local databases and databases connected via Azure is also possible.

What is the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 StandardFull Version?

The Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standardis a relational database. Equally usable on Windows servers as on Linux systems and equipped with a multitude of interfaces, the MS SQL Server is not only extremely reliable but also very versatile.

Who should buy the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard?

Microsoft's SQL Server is aimed primarily at medium and large businesses and organizations that need a reliable solution for managing large data sets. The Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standardin full version is also interesting for scientists and data analysts. With interfaces for R and Python, the Microsoft SQL Server Standard2019 also represents a highly stable and reliable database solution for such users.

Why should you buy the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard?

Microsoft SQL Server has been recognized for years as the most secure database server and is listed in the NIST Vulnerabilities Database as the least vulnerable SQL server to attack. At the same time, databases implemented using Microsoft SQL are extremely stable and therefore highly available. The performance, especially when processing larger data sets and queries, is absolutely convincing. In addition, the widespread use of Microsoft SQL Server ensures that professionally trained employees are readily available on the job market.

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